Farm Raised Premium Angus Beef

We offer whole, half
and quarter sides of beef.

Angus Steaks

Ribeye Steaks, Filet Steaks, T Bone Steaks & New York Strip Steaks: $15.00/pound

Porterhouse T Bone Steaks: $15.00/pound

Flank Steak, Round Steak & Sirloin Steak: $8.00/pound
(Steaks are packages of two)

Angus Ground Beef

Hamburger: $6.00/one pound package

Hamburger Patties: $10.00/package of six

Angus Prime Rib

Prime Rib: $20.00/pound

Angus Brisket

Brisket: $6.00/pound

Angus Roast

Sirloin, Chuck, Arm & Rump Roasts average 3 pounds: $8.00/pound

Angus Customized Packages:
Contact Johna to customize a package for you!