Welcome to SJS Cattle Company

There is an “SJS Cattle Company” sign that proudly sits on a hill on Highway 34 near Lucas, Iowa. That sign represents generations of family pride and dedication to the Black Angus breed. Justin Sullivan is the first of those generations to make farming a full time job with 240 registered Black Angus on 670 acres. SJS Cattle Company is owned and operated by Nancy, Justin and Johna Sullivan. The Black Angus breed bred and raised at SJS exceeds in maternal power, carcass quality and carries an excellent phenotype. The high demand of the breed the past 20 years in particular make this breed particularly lucrative. When you walk the pens at the SJS cattle ranch you will notice the docility of the animals as Sullivan Black Angus are handled with the respect and care this largest breed deserves. Black Angus are feed efficient on a well maintained forage diet. Justin, the land custodian, greatly appreciates the reliability of a Black Angus heifer as there’s never any question of her capability to deliver a healthy calf. The company stands out in cattle weight production, weight performance and udder quality. The delicate balance of daily decisions and science is taken seriously by the current farm custodian. There is so much the pasture and the land will tell you if you only commit to listen and observe. SJS is a unique family business full of heart.